About me

While I am sitting in the concert hall and appreciating the harmonious chords made by the symphony orchestra on stage, an idea suddenly bumps into my mind. From the perspective of physicists, the euphonious harmonies are equal to composite waves which blend different frequencies, wave lengths as well as wave patterns from different instruments perfectly together. Similar physical processes are also found in weather phenomena; various oscillations with different frequencies vacillate at the same time, mutually fortifying or weakening each other coincidentally, and then causing unexpected consequences.


I am now a graduate student in the University of Miami. Grown up in a typhoon devastating country, tropical cyclone is one of my highly interested research topic which is also my current investigating area. I got my Bachelor and master degree in National Taiwan university in Taiwan, my country. After finished obligatory military service in Ministry of National Defense Symphony Orchestra, I came to the U.S. keeping walking on the science road.

Music for me

As an 10-year amateur clarinet player, I like to play in the concert band and practice some scales during leisure times. Leonard Bernstein is my favorite conductor especially with a style of romantic music. As the first paragraph said, the chords inspired me to think about the mutual amplification in synoptic scale patterns, which happens when playing in right notes.

Time is limited, while the knowledge is endless. How to find some tricks played by atmosphere out in the negligible short life is an interesting work for me.